Donate to Vic High Marine Biology Students

Your support goes a long way! 

Donate to Vic High Marine Biology Students

Vic High Marine is a unique and successful program. Your support will be used to help maintain this program and to acquire laboratory equipment and up-to-date technology outside of the normal public education system.  By doing so our students will gain skills in nature photography, digital microscopy, movie making and other unique opportunities.  This will help us prepare these students for success in the next steps of their education by providing them with the best program we can build. Lets all work together to achieve this goal.

Your money will be used for the following.

  • New equipment
  • Research materials
  • Student trips
  • Increased online capabilities for student submitted projects

Current needs

Victoria High School’s Marine Biology Program is currently fundraising to help pay for our new website that was urgently needed to replace our aged web site. Even as little as a $5 donation will allow us to help maintain the new website!

The new web site is be available across many platforms and have more ways for students to display their research, photos and videos on the marine life found in the waters off of Victoria, British Columbia.

Though we are a high school the original and specialized content of our website and Youtube channel is of high quality and is often used by educators around the world. In many cases we may be the only resource online for often over-looked species, many of which may include macroscopic and microscopic photos and video.