Lobed Comb Jelly

Author: Micaela Day

Scientific name: Bolinopsis infundibulum

Size Range: up to 15 (6 inches) long

Identifying Features: The Lobed Comb Jelly has an oblong rounded body, and can be up to 15 cms. They have medium-sized lobes, with short and flat auricles. They have 8 comb rows, all 1-2-⅔ their body length but typically unequal in length. There are small, thin tentacular filaments on both sides of their mouths, along with a pair of longer medial tentacles in the corners. They’re transparent and colourless except for rows of darkly pigmented spots on the lobes which coalesce into dark pigmented lines.

Habitat: The Lobed Comb Jelly is found in pelagic regions, they live in temperate and Arctic waters off the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean but are most commonly encountered from Northern Alaska to Southern California.  and south to California. Smaller individuals are typically found near the surface while larger ones are found down to 1000 meters.

Food(prey): The Lobed Comb Jelly consumes drifting prey such as copepods and euphausiids. They consume their prey by opening its distinctive front lobes which are movable. It finds its prey by ascending and descending in a drifting patrol.


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