Photos by D. Young

Nanomia bijuga

Common Names: Siphonophore

Scientific Name: Nanomia bijuga

Size Range: Up to 30cm in total length

Nanomia bijuga belongs to the order Physonecta within the subclass Siphonophorae within the class Hydrozoa.

It is a predator that represents a colony of many genetically identical individuals called zooids that make up the whole.  It has a pigmented gas filled float called a pneumatophore at its tip.

Please come back – more information will be posted soon on this fascinating siphonophore!

Photos by D. Young

Nanomia bijuga collected in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, British Columbia. This is the position they are normally found in when at rest in the water, however, they can swim quite fast and may be close to horizontal at these times.